Jacob W. Mease

Jacob W. Mease

by Michael A. Spaulding

Jacob W. Mease, son of Philip and Sarah (____) Mease or Miess was born 19 Mar 1845 in Pennsylvania, and died 6 Nov 1910, in Bismarck (now Quentin), Lebanon Co., PA. He married Sarah A. Hartman on 4 Mar 1866 at the Moravian Church in Lebanon, Lebanon Co., PA, by the Rev. William L. Lennart. Sarah was the daughter of Samuel and Sarah (Stoner) Hartman.

Mease’s ancestry is obscure and evidently not prominent, but he lived in the Pennsylvania German area of Lebanon County. Jacob’s birth date is taken from his death certificate. However, his pension application states that he was born “on or about 2 Mar 1845.”

On 10 Oct 1862, he volunteered for service in Company E, 17th Pennsylvania Cavalry in the Civil War. He was only 17 years old and had to lie about his age to enlist. On 5 Apr 1863, he was severely injured when he fell with his horse, but he returned to duty by 10 Apr. He fought at Chancellorsville and Gettysburg, and is listed on the Pennsylvania Monument there. Later, he served in the Shenandoah Valley campaign under General Philip Sheridan and was wounded in the back above the right hip during a retreat at the Battle of Opequon Creek, near Winchester, Virginia. The bullet entered his back, near his spine, and lodged in his right leg, where it remained all his life. He was sent to McClellan General Hospital, Philadelphia. He was discharged from the hospital in November, and returned to active duty. After the end of the war, he was retained in service in the 2nd Regiment, Provisional Cavalry, and was mustered out at Louisville, KY, 7 Aug 1865. Jacob was awarded a pension for his service and injury, and after his death his wife Sarah received a pension as well. One of the witnesses for his pension application was Henry P. Moyer, author of the Regimental History. He lived in Lebanon Co., PA his entire life. In 1870 he was a miner. In 1880 was a day laborer and worked on the railroads. In 1893, he was a blacksmith and laborer. As he aged, his war wound rendered him partially lame and made it difficult for him to work more than half a day at a time. Also, by the age of 54 he had lost all of his teeth. Jacob was buried under the Indigent Soldiers Burial Act with his wife Sarah in Quentin Cemetery, Quentin, Lebanon Co., PA.


  1. John Henry (B. 1866)
  2. Christie Ann Mease (B. 29 Nov 1868, Lebanon Co., PA; D. 11 May 1958, Lebanon, PA. She M. 28 Jun 1888, Lebanon, Lebanon Co., PA-John Wesley Field, (He B. 26 Apr 1868, PA; D. 20 May 1936, Lebanon, PA).)

iii. Clayton Ambrose (B. 1882, Quentin, PA; D 1966, Lebanon, PA. He M. Daisy Wise, (She B. 1882; D. 1930).)

source: primary records as recorded in an unpublished manuscript called “Spaulding Family Ancestors in The 17th Pennsylvania Cavalry During the Civil War,” by Michael Spaulding, Dayton, OH, 2011.Ja


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