I am excited to take this site in a new direction.  I’m a member of the Sons of the Union Veterans of the Civil War. I belong to the Major General William Tecumseh Sherman Camp #93.  We’re in Dayton, Ohio, so it stands to reason, we’re named after Sherman, probably the most important general on the Union side.   As I’m sure you’ve surmised, I’m very proud of my Civil War ancestor Cpl. John N. Weeks.  Having said that, my brothers in the SUV are just as proud of their ancestors.  Therefore, I’m going to use this site as an opportunity to allow my brothers to write about their ancestors.

Along the way, I’ll learn about their stories, and I hope you’ll learn from their stories too.  Please know that these men are Civil War historians in their own right. Tonight is the beginning of what I hope is a long string of Civil War history for any readers in the form of personal stories about family members and later articles about different aspects of the Civil War.  In other words, I want to help educate people.   I’m a high school history teacher and I’m all about education.  I’m looking to my brothers to help me educate readers about this seminal moment in American history, the Civil War.  Let’s get started with an article from my brother, Mike Spaulding.  Mike is the genealogist and historian of our SUV camp, so don’t be surprised by the documentation he’s submitted.  Enjoy his story.


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